Steering TAUR's Meta Ad Campaigns for Increased Sales

Setting the Wheels in Motion

TAUR is an modern brand offering high-quality, road-ready electric scooters – my task was to design eye-catching Meta ad campaigns that would boost sales, drive website traffic, and increase audience engagement in New York City, San Francisco, and London.

Cruising through the Design Journey

The idea was to capture TAUR’s unique selling points in the ad designs: high-quality scooters, 15-20 mile range, and a 2-year warranty. I aimed to intergrate these advantages into the ad narratives, combining them with compelling visuals of the scooters.

The ads were designed to effectively convey the brand’s message, showcasing the sleek design and premium quality of the scooters while highlighting the exceptional after-sales support and warranty. The call-to-action was carefully crafted to prompt the viewers to visit TAUR’s website and make a purchase.

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