Making DIY a Breeze with Useful Hardware Tool Kits

Crafting the Perfect Homie Brand Identity

Homie sprouted from its sister brand, AmTech, with the idea of developing super easy DIY tutorials and offering the needed tools for purchase right in the video – pretty handy, huh? My job was to help shape this freshly-born brand. The concept for the logo was ‘friendly DIY’. The target audience? People who are just stepping into the DIY playground. They’ve got the interest and the projects, but they need a little push with the skills, and they sure don’t want it to feel like a scary mountain climb. I used a house in the logo to symbolise doing DIY at your own comfy place, a wrench to represent the tools, and a smile to add that ‘friendly’ touch.

A Versatile Brand Toolkit

I took this spark of an idea and crafted it into a primary and secondary logo. I also created a brand toolkit that Homie can use across various collateral and digital media. It ensures they keep their ‘friendly DIY’ vibe loud and clear across all platforms – be it on their website, social media, or print materials.

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